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East 17



ist eine britische Boygroup, die als eine Art proletarischer Gegenentwurf zu Take That in den 1990er-Jahren äußerst erfolgreich war.Die braven Mädchen liebten auch die "Backstreet Boys",   die bösen Mädchen natürlich "East 17"! Die Jungs aus dem Londoner East End, die 1992 mit ihrem Hit "House of Love" weltberühmt wurden und reihenweise Mädchen-Herzen brachen und bereits 600.000 Stück Singles an verträumte Teenager-Herzen verfüttern heizen euch auch mit Hits wie z.B. "It's Alright" (1994), "Stay Another Day" (1994), "Thunder" (1995) und "If You Ever" (1996) ein sowie weitere Top Zwanzig Hits wie beispielsweise Deep, Steam, Let It Rain oder auch Christmas No. 1 sorgten weltweit für 20 Millionen verkaufte Tonträger.  Mit It’s Alright waren East 17 die größte Band in der Mongolei. 1995 spielten sie vor über 100.000 Zuschauern in Moskau 

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East 17


are an English pop boy band formed in 1992. The group have achieved eighteen Top 20 singles and four Top 10 albums, and were one of the UK’s most popular boy bands during the early to mid-1990s.

They occasionally blended rap and pop in songs such as House of Love, Steam and Let It Rain, attaining popularity as a result of the group’s songwriter Tony Mortimer and lead vocalist Brian Harvey.

East 17 scored twelve Top 10 hits on the UK Singles Chart between 1992 and 1998.


Their debut album, Walthamstow, shot to #1 on the UK Albums Chart. It featured a string of Top 20 singles, including House of Love and Deep. It’s Alright became a major success in Australia, reaching #1 in early 1994 for seven consecutive weeks, and #3 in the UK in 1993.

The lyrics to some of their songs, such as Let It Rain, had political undertones, talking about war, peace, equality, love, and other political issues. Their popularity reached Mongolia, particularly with the song It’s Alright, helped by music television channels, Channel V and MTV.


In 1994, upon the release of their second album, Steam, they scored their only UK number-one single with Stay Another Day, which remained at the top for five weeks and was also that year’s Christmas number-one. Following the somewhat low-key release of the next album, Up All Night, their drop in appeal became apparent compared to previous albums.


The album’s songwriting duties were split among the four members of the group. East 17 also appeared on the Childliners record The Gift Of Christmas, alongside acts such as MN8, Boyzone, E.Y.C., Sean Maguire, Deuce, Ultimate Kaos, Let Loose, Backstreet Boys, Peter Andre, Michelle Gayle and Dannii Minogue.


In 1996, the group hit #2 with the track If You Ever, a duet with the singer Gabrielle. 

The band’s split in 1997 has been described as one of the greatest break-ups in pop history.


On 4 February 2006, Harvey appeared on the UK music television show CD:UK, where he announced that East 17 might make a comeback with its four original members.


In mid-February 2006, the group reformed, and played their first comeback concert on May 30 at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire in London.


East 17 continued to perform as a three-member group without Mortimer. They played at the University of Strathclyde on September 24, 2006, after DJ Colin Murray was unable to attend. Since then, the group has performed in clubs around the UK.


The group performed at the 2009 Glastonbury Festival on 25 June in the dance lounge. In November 2009, all four members of the band re-united again in aid of the Born Free Foundation, performing two of their best known songs—Deep and Stay Another Day—for the Wild & Live! event at the Royal Albert Hall. 


Mortimer departed twice again with Robbie Craig joining East 17 in early 2014. John Hendy and Terry Coldwell are still the original band members in the group.


2016 – the group is finishing their new album and summer 2016 we can expect the release of their new single “Strip”.