Charly Lownoise

Charly Lownoise


Bio 2017 Charly Lownoise


Who grew up in the 90’s knows all melodies: Wonderful Days, Stars, Hardcore Feelings, Charlottenburg, Your Smile, to name a few of their hits. Together with brother from another mother Mental Theo he conquered the world with their Happy Hardcore sound. Same happened in formation with Franky Tunes as Starsplash from 2000 till 2005 with many hits like Wonderful Days 2001, Rainbow in the Sky, Travel Time, Cold as Ice, Free, Fly Away and so on.


In 2005 Charly took a sabbatical to write his very own autobiography in Dutch, which was released in Holland in 2007 and in Germany in 2009. Meanwhile spinning about 10 to 12 times a year, most of the time together with Theo, but also as a solo artist.

Last three years Charly felt very good again in the DJ-booth, resulting in big stages: this year playing two weekends Tomorrowland, Deqon1, Electric Love, Mayday, World Club Dome, Pussy Lounge at the Park, Outlands, Dreamfields, Airbeat One.


Charly plays 90’s, the old hits back in the days, but also up to date versions created by the youngsters. Also Freestyle, which is upcoming and very popular at the moment in Holland. He takes the microfoon and creates this symphatic togetherness vibe, with a little Rudi Carrell accent J



Germany is his favourite country. He ones said in an interview: Deutschland ist meiner Zweite Heimat. Ich weis nicht warum, aber immer wenn ich über die Grenze fahre, dann fühle ich mich wie zuhause! Maybe its time to move over!?